Make-up Guide for a Beautiful YOU

Every women should have her important make-up products! Make-up helps boost our confidence and brings out the vixens in all of us.

It’s not necessary to have an entire make-up kit like the celebrities do to get the look you want. It all comes down to what you like and what you enjoy using. If you’re uncertain about a product you’re interested in ask around about it, and read reviews online. And when you find something that has great reviews invest in it. Your inner goddess will thank you!

I personally don’t use a lot of make-up, but I do have my main make-up products and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.


make-up foundation

Without a foundation there can be no masterpiece. Finding a really good one can take some time, but when you’ve found it, boy does it make a difference! And when you do find it, buy two or three. Sometimes products get taken off the shelves because they aren’t that popular. So stock up! You don’t have to pay a fortune either, quite a few drug store foundations often times do a better job than the high end brands!

A great foundation will make your skin look flawless and even out your skin tone. And that will make applying the rest of your make-up a breeze.

Make-up brushes

makeup brushes

I recently invested in make-up brushes, and it has changed my life. By adding these to my make-up essentials I look even more forward to applying my products. With a bit of practice and a few Youtube tutorials you can also have that smokey eye and beautiful nude lips. All it takes is practice. Make sure to invest in a few good brushes, don’t just buy the first few you see. Do some research and see what stands out for you. That perfect contour will be not so perfect if you don’t buy, and use quality make-up brushes. There’s a colour and brand out there for everyone!


eyelinerSpecifically black. Eyeliner has been around since Cleopatra ruled Egypt. The magical cat-eye can be created with this wonderful tool. Be it with the pencil or liquid. No women should be without her favorite eyeliner. This is another product you shouldn’t buy for cheap. I always read reviews on the eyeliners I’m interested in before spending money on something that might smudge or run. I’ve long outgrown the goth look, so this is a definite no-no. This is where high end definitely beats the low end of the eyeliner brands!

I recommend also reading reviews, asking a girlfriend when her eyelashes look amazing or try out a few at the mall. It’s all about personal preference. It’s something I can’t live without, and will finish off any make-up look perfectly.

Wear and use whatever makes you feel fabulous, and if you see someone whose make-up is perfect ask them for pointers. We all know every woman loves a compliment!