4 Fitness Myths You Have To Stop Believing

People offer unwanted advice on everything nowadays. The fitness world is no different. Just step into a gym and listen to everyone offering their knowledge to others about what exercises to do to get the best results, what to eat to get huge and ripped, or even what music to listen to during your workout. If I want to listen to Beethoven while benching 400 pounds, why should they care what I am listening to?

There are so many myths out there floating around online, in the gym, and at the water cooler (if they still have those nowadays) that some impressionable person is going to have their head spinning trying to follow all of it. Let’s see if we can correct a few myths out there and get rid of the nonsense.

Fast Food is Bad for You

fast food is bad

We have all heard this since we were children. And for the most part, it is true. I always scratch my head at the women ordering high carb/high fat fast food and then asking for a Diet Coke for their drink. If you are eating all of that, might as well go with a large milkshake and then pick out your coffin on the way home. Anyone gaining unwanted pounds should be forced to watch the movie Supersize Me as a type of scared straight program for the obese.

However, not ALL fast food is horrible. Most fast food places have salads this day and age. As long as someone doesn’t go crazy on the dressing, it can be a great low fat meal. Throw some grilled chicken into it as well for some protein to build muscle.

Chicken wraps can be a great meal on the go! It definitely has enough protein to fill you up without the high fat garbage calories. Tacos are another quick drive-thru snack that won’t expand your waist size as long as you don’t overdo it with the extras. Unwiches at Jimmy Johnson’s are heaven sent for those looking to cut back on carbs. Next time you are in a fast food establishment, ask them what are some of the healthiest meals they offer!

Do Abdominal Workouts Consistently to get Abs

We all see this every time we enter a gym. We observe someone overweight putting themselves through a hellacious ab workout. They may be doing crunches, complete sit-ups, planks, leg raises, and the different machines that are out there, yet we hold our tongue. I don’t care how often you work your abs, if your body fat is not around 8 percent or lower, your abs are not making an appearance anytime soon. There is a better chance you will see Halley’s Comet before any trace of your abdominal muscles.

Train Hard and It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat

abs are made in the kitchenI hear this myth now and then. People say that they do grueling workouts so they can eat whatever they want. This might have been true for them when they were young, but not anymore. Ever hear of the saying, “You are what you eat”? Basically it means if you eat unhealthy, you will be unhealthy. Your body and your overall wellness will show this. You can’t out train a bad diet. If you eat high calorie/high fat food and expect to stay toned, then I have some land to sell you in a place called Narnia.

I’m Going to Change My Fat into Muscle

I’ve got some sad news for you, Einstein. Fat doesn’t change into muscle when you start working out. This isn’t a fairytale land we live in where a short little man shows up and offers to change straw into gold. Through proper diet and exercise a person can lose fat. Through proper diet and exercise a person can gain muscle. Muscle will burn calories helping you get rid of those extra pounds. However, it is medically impossible to turn your fat into muscle. If someone does show up and offers to change your fat into muscle, it will probably be the devil and he will be asking for your soul in return.