This Is the Total-Body Exercise That’s Missing from Your Life

Prepare for it ladies. This is the move that is going to tone your legs, shape those buns and strengthen your core. If you are not doing this more, it’s time to slide it into your workout routine. I present the:

Squat with front raise

squat with front raise

This exercise helps tone and strengthen many areas of your body. These areas are:

  • Your Core
  • Legs
  • Spine
  • Arms
  • Shoulders

To do this exercise you will need to start in a standing position, holding your weights in each hand or holding one larger weight with both hands. Drop your body into a squat position and while transitioning into the squat you need to lifting your arms out till your they are parallel with the floor simultaneously. As you come back into a standing position lower the weights back to your sides.

You should try to keep yourself balanced between the heels and balls of your feet. It’s also important to maintain a strong posture with a deep hip position.

If you are looking to increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can squat deeper making this more challenging.

You can also do variations of this exercise too by shifting your weight to one leg as you raise your weights, switching legs with each raise.

Important tip: Try not to swing your weights while raising and lowering. This is going to defeat the purpose of the exercise and you will not gain much of anything.

The squat benefits women in many ways; The first being to burn fat. When you exercise you are going to burn fat helping you slim down. When you add weights you are going to intensify the squat making you work harder getting your heart rate up, and burning more calories.

Tone your legs with the squat to get the sexy legs you have always wanted. When you are doing a squat you’re tightening your calve muscles, which is going to strengthen that muscle, creating better-looking legs.

If you have joint pain the squat is going to be a great option for you to get some relief. With weights, or without, performing the squat increases blood flow to your knees and hips which bring more oxygen to your joints to help restore healthy tissue.

Your butt is going to look better than ever once you have the squat mastered.  If you want a nice round and perky tush it’s time to drop it, over and over again. Squats build your glutes and quads, leaving you with gained muscle and less fat.

Say goodbye to Cellulite. Getting that blood pumping to your thighs is going to melt that stubborn cellulite off of your thighs. We have already mentioned how doing squats create a better blood flow to hips and joints. This is true to your thighs too.

Cellulite is caused my poor circulation and the build up of pockets of fat, mostly from a lack of activity. Doing squats is going to reverse this process.

Always felt like you’re slumping, instead of having that amazing posture most crave to have? Squats are going to improve your posture. Squats work your entire core, including your spine, which helps your posture. No more slumping for you, just squat the slump away

If you find you have weak knees or ankles, squatting is going to help prevent even further injury, and reinforcing those weak muscles to make them stronger.

Stronger shoulders are also going to come when adding dumbbells. The front of your shoulders is called your anterior deltoid muscles. These are a major muscle group that will be worked when you do front raise strength training, which is added with the squat.

All and all, this workout is what is going to shape pretty much all major parts you are looking to tone and strengthen. Incorporate this workout into your routine two to three times and week and watch your body become more defined in the best way possible.