Why You Weigh Less in the Morning

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is my first post and it’ll be on an interesting topic about why we always weigh lesser in the morning!

At one point in time or another, we are all trying to shed a few pounds, or a lot depending on your circumstance when we have found that we gained weight. When the word diet creeps into your brain, and you decide it’s time to start eating a bit healthier and exercising a little harder the scale seems like it’s a sore thumb just sticking out at you. Right there every time you go to use the bathroom. So, you pull it out and take a step on it, usually more than once hoping to see some instant results.

We all wish it worked like that, didn’t we? Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

If you are dieting and you are wishing to step on the scale, try to limit it to once a week, at the same time. This can be at any time you wish during that day just as long as it’s about the same time, however in the morning is the best time. Why?

In the morning once you wake up, usually you head to the bathroom to empty your bladder. After resting all night without any food or liquids, your body has digested everything you had eaten for that previous day. When you wake up you will be starting out your day with nothing extra in your body, so when you decide to weigh yourself in the morning, this is going to be your most accurate weight.


  • If you find yourself stepping on the scale every day, and multiple times a day you are going to find that your weight is going to have fluctuated throughout that day. For instance, if you just ate a meal and you step on the scale, you are probably going to weigh more, because you had just put food into your body, which has yet to be digested. So naturally you are going to have gained weight while your body works on digesting all that you have eaten.
  • You breathe heavier while you sleep at night. When you breathe heavier you are releasing more carbon from your body. This carbon loss is going to give you a pound or so of weight loss when you weigh yourself in the morning.
  • Clothes will play an important role when you decide to step on the scale. In the morning when you are in the privacy of your own home, you are most likely not wearing as much clothing, if any at all when you step on the scale compared to if you are going to the doctors or you are at a gym or any other public place. And depending on the season and the amount of clothes you have on, you could be wearing anywhere from 2-4 pounds when dressed, so it’s important to keep that in mind when you see a weight change.
  • Body fat does not fluctuate throughout the day like your water weight does. When you are trying to shed pounds, it’s important to remember that losing body fat takes time.

So, while we may less in the morning it is important to remember that every day you are not going to see the same weight. This depends on what you put into your body, what you have done throughout the day, and what type of activities or exercises you incorporate in your journey to lose some weight.


  • For an accurate weight reading, weigh yourself first thing when you wake up. Try using the same clothing, or no clothing at all
  • Limit your weigh-ins to once a week. Being patient pays off
  • Use the same scale each time you weigh yourself

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and check my blog often for more interesting articles!