• 4 Simple Exercises That Show Results After One Workout

    Shhh. Here’s a secret. You don’t have to spend all day in the gym to see amazing results. With a few basic moves, you can work out several groups of muscles at once. That’s an easy, total body workout in just a few minutes. With simple exercises that show results after one workout. The simpler […]

  • 4 Ways Your Breakfast Is Making You Gain Weight And How to Fix It

    Bacon, sausage hash browns and more. We all love a yummy and full plate of the trendiest new dish that everyone is trying and saying is, “so good”. We try each new tasty breakfast trend and before you know it, you get on the scale one day cause those pants are a little snug and […]

  • Make-up Guide for a Beautiful YOU

    Every women should have her important make-up products! Make-up helps boost our confidence and brings out the vixens in all of us. It’s not necessary to have an entire make-up kit like the celebrities do to get the look you want. It all comes down to what you like and what you enjoy using. If […]

  • 4 Fitness Myths You Have To Stop Believing

    People offer unwanted advice on everything nowadays. The fitness world is no different. Just step into a gym and listen to everyone offering their knowledge to others about what exercises to do to get the best results, what to eat to get huge and ripped, or even what music to listen to during your workout. […]

  • This Is the Total-Body Exercise That’s Missing from Your Life

    Prepare for it ladies. This is the move that is going to tone your legs, shape those buns and strengthen your core. If you are not doing this more, it’s time to slide it into your workout routine. I present the: Squat with front raise This exercise helps tone and strengthen many areas of your […]